The company


Collevite is a company founded by fifteen entrepreneurs who share generations of experience in the field of wine.
All the associates are proud heirs of a peasant culture that passionately cared for its land and its vineyards, which are located in a territory historically devoted to wine production.
The common goal is to combine the products of single vineyards into an exclusive wine offer, valorized by the specific expertise of the associates.
From soil preparation and vineyard care, to harvesting, vinification, storage, bottling, and marketing: every step is managed with great commitment by the associates.


Organic wines

Highest expression of typical flavors

The winery

A visit to the company

The Collevite winery is located in Monsampolo del Tronto,
a small village on the Piceno hills. The site is surrounded by a scenery of cultivated fields ranging from the Adriatic to the Sibillini mountains.

The estates

Our vineyards

Collevite leads about 250 hectares of vineyard, at an altitude ranging from 200m to 400m above sea level. The land is divided into estates with different profiles in relation to the soil, exposure, and microclimate.

The territory

From the coast to the Appennines

The Piceno territory is located between the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains and the Adriatic coast.
The hill conformation, the composition of the land, and the particular microclimate make the area especially suitable for excellent productions.