Our mission

Collevite aims to preserve and enhance the character of native vines according to the peculiarities of the different estates.
Constantly drawing inspiration from the tradition, our primary goal is to translate the authentic aromas of the Piceno and the strength of each grape variety into the tasting.
In order to exalt the qualities of the territory, we consider it essential to keep alive the link with the tradition so as to recover the bouquet of typical flavors that characterize it.
The color, fragrance, and taste of our wines embody both the sweetness of the hills where they are born, and the strength of the people who produce them. A perfect reflection of the complexity of the cultural heritage preserved in the Piceno.

What we offer

Every bottle encapsulates our passion for wine and its production, from the processing of the vineyards to the emotion of tasting. Collevite is a modern reality in terms of organization, but it is also solidly rooted in the tradition of the territory that is proud to represent.
The choice of producing organic wines aims to promote a model of sustainable development, based on the principles of safeguarding and enhancing resources. Organic stands for quality, authenticity, and protection of consumers and farmers.
All this is made possible by a group of men who cultivate their own vineyards with passion and competence, selecting the finest grapes for excellent wines.

organic wines

Highest expression of typical flavours